Find your spirit animal

What are your strengths? What do you yearn for? Discover which animal could be your Spirit Animal.
First choose which element you are drawn to.


Water symbolises calm, emotivity and adaptability.

Strengths: Empathetic, sensitive, intuitive, caring, nurturing, good at listening, trusting, open-minded, accepting, mystical, artistic.


Air symbolises independence, curiosity and free-spiritedness.

Strengths: Intelligent, analytical, philosophical, kind-hearted, visionary, good communicator, creative, devoted, free-thinking, observant.


Earth symbolises honesty, reliability and good-naturedness.

Strengths: Grounded, firm, conscientious, practicality, stability, patient, goal-orientated, hardworking, present-orientated, perseverance, down to earth, good humoured, loyal.


Fire symbolises passion, creativity and innovativeness.

Strengths: Inspirational, dominant, passionate, confident, fun, innovative, charismatic, wilful, energetic, persistent.