Anna Hyllested
Anna Hyllested

    Anna Hyllested was born in 1973 and trained as a goldsmith with Per Borup Design in 1999.

    Since 2001 she has operated the jeweler's workshop Krebs Hyllested in Copenhagen with her husband Peter Krebs.

    Over the last 10 years, Anna has designed a wide range of jewellery marketed to an exclusive customer base from her workshop in Copenhagen. Here she tries new ideas in sketch form, models, and prototypes, until a piece finds its ultimate expression.

    "For me, my love for this trade lies in complete immersion.The play with materials, working through the details, and the search for the right expression before the piece takes its final form. But in reality what I care most about is the process of creating a piece of jewellery together with the recipient. Within specific parameters. That, in my opinion, is art".


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