Endless styling possibilities

Embrace the joy of creating your own Trollbeads masterpiece with the inspiration and guidance in below videos.

Style your Changeable Fantasy Necklace
Transform your style with a simple change of pendant. With a wide range of pendants to choose from, you can effortlessly switch up your look to suit any occasion, mood, or outfit.
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trollbeads trick

Changeable Fantasy Necklace

Style your Changeable Fantasy Necklace with a clasp and a bead


Style your Trollbeads necklace and celebrate the beauty of individuality

Fantasy necklace with pearl

Let your imagination run wild with our enchanting Fantasy Necklaces and enjoy endless customization.

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Style your Bangle
Transform your wrist into a stunning work of art with our exquisite Bangles. Stack them up, combine different textures and finishes, -the choice is yours.
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How to add a bead to your Fantasy Ring

Adorn your fingers with our Elegant Fantasy Ring and combine it with your bead of the day.

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Ring of change
Experience the magic of our Ring of Change, where one ring can become many.
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Styling inspiration from fellow Trollbeads Fans