Annabap Logman
Annabap Logman

    Enthusiasm and emotion are what drives her.

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    Bubbling with energy never-seen-before details are brought to light and the smallest objects are admired. 'Not just looking, but truly seeing the beauty in the things that surround us.' For Annabap this is a natural way of perceiving the world. Whether it's a rusty surface of a boat or the hinge of a seashell lying on the beach. Structures, shapes and patterns are the foundation of her work. When Annabap designs she is always extremely focused and surrounded by calm.

    Impressions that she absorbs are expressed with passion in her jewellery.

    Annabap owes her creativity in part to her grandmother, who was an artist. 'Spending hours at her home, wandering around and drinking tea. We talked about colour, art, traveling and all the other things that occupied our minds.' This is where her interest in the school for goldsmith and jewellery design in Schoonhoven, The Netherlands, was sparked.

    Annabap graduated from this school in 2006.


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