Denise Tong
Denise Tong

    Denise Tong is trained as a Chemical Engineer, and also has a degree in Fine Arts - the analytical mind vs. the emotional mind. What seems like a contradiction has given her the ability to see things in different perspectives. "Inspirations come from everything and everywhere… one just has to be attentive to her surroundings and feelings.

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    Once an idea is formed, senses are activated, feelings are evoked, the light at the end becomes visible, then it all comes down to mapping a path to the light and trying out different means to make it happen, back track if it doesn't feel right. The People's Bead 2011 winning bead is inspired by the tsunami that swept the east coast of Japan on 11 March 2011.

    The ocean has given us many wonderful things - the amazing marine creatures, our food supply, the beautiful water in which we could enjoy numerous sports/activities, etc. Yet it can also bring about mighty power to do harm in such an unpredictable way. A thought came to my mind: We are indeed very small; and we have to be humble and respect nature. This is the inspiration for "Rolling Waves" ", Denise Tong says.


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