Giada Manfredi
Giada Manfredi

    Giada Manfredi comes from Italy and lives with her family in a small town, Casalpusterlengo. The house is located by the countryside, and Giada used to enjoy going for long walks with her dog Nuvolina. Now the dog is old, and Giada walks alone, but when she comes home the dog will always wait for her at the garden gate. Giada works in customer service in a supermarket, and she likes to help people. Every day is different, and there is always something to learn. Giada also loves to swim and travel.

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    Since Giada was very young, her big passion has been drawing. The passion came from her uncle, who was a very talented artist. He showed her his work and taught her about different techniques.

    Giada has had lots of admiration of her drawings from others. During the years, Giada Manfredi also grew a passion for decoupage and sewing.

    Giada Manfredi is the winner of People's Bead 2019, with the turtle flower bead. “I have always loved turtles. Every time I go to a new city or on holiday, I search for something like a pendant or a little figure that shows a turtle. Well ... my house is full of turtles! I found the inspiration from a holiday in Sharm el Sheik, where I was at a boat trip. I was snorkeling, and I hoped to see a turtle...that was my dream. Three excursions were planned that day. During the first and the second excursions, I saw many beautiful fish but no turtles. On the third excursion I had almost given up hope. And just there I saw an amazing sea turtle that was swimming next to me! I was so excited that I could not move. It looked like the turtle was dancing, as a flower cradled by the wind.”


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