Giuseppe di Meo
Giuseppe di Meo

    "For the People’s Bead 2016 event, I designed the bead 'Celebrate Life'. The theme of the event was Celebration. A bead with that theme should celebrate important values and essential moments in everyone's life. For many people in the world these values are unfortunately only words. That is why the idea of a rainbow of light, full of life came to my mind. I designed it to bring calm and hope, and I hope that the sun will return and shine for all."

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    Giuseppe Di Meo was born in Naples in Italy. He lives in the province with his mother and brother. Guiseppe is a university student at La Sapienza University of Rome. Here he is majoring in Organization and Marketing for Corporate Communication. His passion for Trollbeads has lasted for a year and a half now, and as time goes by his interest in the brand and its philosophy is continuously increasing.

    Giuseppe is creative with a head full of ideas, and thanks to the People’s Bead event, his talent could find a way to be expressed. His favourite glass beads is the Chakra bead with all the colours, and among the silver beads, he adores the ones with a deeper meaning the most.


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