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Growing Love Bracelet

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Love is a journey best taken together

The perfect gift for someone you LOVE ❤️Trollbeads brings you the perfect jewellery for the holidays.
Growing Love Bracelet


A Beautiful complete foxtail bracelet, adorned all new jewellery elements.

The silver bracelet comes with a silver clasp adorned with hearts flow around the silver. The facetted glass bead glitters in pale green and golden sparkle - the perfect match for two pinecones hugging under a neatly tied bow. To complete the look, the bracelet also has a small tassel with three silver stars.

The Limited-edition bracelet has caring and loving messages for each little piece.
Play together to stay together. Even when we fall, we keep growing together. Face the future
with hope in your heart. A star for the past, the present and the future.

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