Jeannie Sanger
Jeannie Sanger

    Mary J (Jeannie) Sanger is from the Midwest of the US and loves to go on excursions and discover what nature has to offer. Especially waterfalls she finds fascinating.

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    She is a glass painter and works for a local winery, hairstylist, and make-up artist, and there seems to be a commonality in her likes to make things look beautiful.

    She has always been enjoying creating, anything whether it be drawing or rescuing an old piece of wood and turning it into a piece of art. She loves restoring antiques.

    Jeannie has a passion for animals, especially dogs and Shih Tzus and Rottweilers are her favourites. Other passions are interior design, the royal family, scary movies, ghosts and haunted houses.

    Jeannie discovered Trollbeads at Christmas in 2011 and she was hooked right away.

    She especially likes the ones that have a connection to who she is and her life experience.

    Mary J (Jeannie) Sanger is one of the winners of People's Bead 2013 and designed Leopard for the Traditional Sayings Collection.

    “My family is my greatest gift, and spending time with my children and grandchildren are beyond words. When designing Leopard for the People’s bead, I chose the saying “A leopard cannot change his spots” because I felt it is important to be yourself and accept yourself and others. Besides, the leopard is such a beautiful animal, so I was glad they went hand in hand.”


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