Jenke Gorter
Jenke Gorter

    For me two things in life have always been very important. The first is to always remember to be an individual and act upon your own interests. The second is to be creative; to take some time to relax and leave the boundaries of daily life.

    This is what attracted me to Trollbeads.

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    Trollbeads allows you to design your own personal look, which asks for a sense of individuality as well as a bit of creativity. With all the different glass and silver beads in current and past collections I’ve been able to design and redesign my bracelets many times to fit my mood or style. Every time a new collection emerges my mind races to see what does and what doesn’t fit my interest and how to make them work. It’s been truly inspiring!

    My first designs for Trollbeads are bats. Bats can accompany me anywhere; whether at work researching animal behaviour or during my free time while reading a fantastic book, playing a board game or attending festivals. On the one hand they are amazing creatures with complex biological features that set them apart from other mammals. On the other hand, they are a typical symbol of mystery because of their night-active lifestyle, blood-drinking relatives and mystical look.


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