Paolo Riviera Peoples bead winner 2023
Paolo Riviera

    Paolo Riviera was born and raised in Brescia, and now lives in Franciacorta. Nestled amidst rolling hills and vineyards, Paolo Riviera draws inspiration from his natural surroundings.  Whether it's exploring the mountains or tending to his beloved Bonsai trees and gardens, his passion for the natural world shines through. 

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    Paolo sketched his design freehand, allowing his imagination to flow onto the canvas. The inspiration derived from his favourite beads, particularly those with abstract shapes such as Neverending, Positive Change, and Path of Life. These silver beads embody both form and meaning, resonating with this personal aesthetic. 

    One of the most captivating experiences for the Bead 2023 winner is observing the starry night sky during his camping trips. It is during these mesmerizing moments that inspiration strikes, leading him to envision a bead design that encapsulates the beauty and vastness of the universe. 

    He is inspired by the fact that the atoms composing our bodies originated from the explosive death of ancient stars billions of years ago. By representing the atom in his design, the artist reminds us of the incredible journey that has brought us into existence and the limitless potential contained within each of us. 

    “It has always fascinated me how the orbits of electrons in the pattern of an atom resemble the orbits of the planets around the sun. Just as it has always fascinated me that the atoms that make up our body originated from the explosion of a star billions of years ago.”


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