Shizue Ishiwata
Shizue Ishiwata

    Shizue Ishiwata was born in Tokyo, Japan, and today she is living in Chiba Prefecture. 

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    Shizue is a housewife and she is making hand-woven items. Occasionally she sells her original hand-woven items. She spends her spare time with her husband, doing gardening or she goes out for shopping in different areas of Tokyo. Also, she is focused on very healthy foods, reading and meditation.

    Shizue Ishiwata is one of the winners of People's Bead 2013 and designed Sakura for the Traditional Sayings Collection.

    “For People’s Bead I designed the beautiful Japanese cherry tree. In Japan, a cherry tree is used by the news of the announcements of test results of a university. A cherry tree blooms at the time of a good notice.“


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