Diamonds are forever – a saying that symbolizes an everlasting love. A diamond has become the way of expressing your undying love to your one true love, and because a diamond is close to unbreakable it is the perfect symbol for a love that cannot break. Diamonds have had many meanings and positive attributes through history. It is said to bring its wearer great strength, and even Julius Caesar, Louis VI and Napoleon had the diamond as their talisman. The diamond also represents truth as it is believed to hold great power and a connection to spirituality. They are believed to improve your energy, prosperity, your love life and give you faith.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring mineral. They are formed under enormous pressure and high temperatures. Most natural diamonds have been dated to be more than 1 billion years old. The hardness of the diamond depends on the purity of the diamond. This means that the hardness of a diamond increases in relation to if it has fewer flaws and higher purity. When cutting diamonds into beautiful and intriguing shapes, nothing but other diamonds are strong enough to cut it. The most popular way to cut a diamond, is the brilliant cut. This specific cut is based on a mathematical analysis ensuring the most rays of light to pass through the diamond making the diamond sparkle and shine.


Not two diamonds are the same, as they differ in size and cut, making the process of fitting the diamonds into our beads a unique process for each individual diamond. The diamonds are inspected one by one, and the holes are made individually for each diamond. Then they are fitted into the bead by hand. This is a time-consuming process, as everything is done by hand and with no diamond being exactly the same, it makes it difficult to standardize the process.