A World of Beads

Trollbeads are the creators of the original “Bead on Bracelet” concept, that allows women and men to customise their jewellery to fit their taste, personality, and stories. Everyone should have a voice and the opportunity to show and tell who they are, and what makes them unique. We believe our jewellery enables everyone to do that; just put your beads on your bracelet and show the world who you are! Also discover how your jewellery can become a conversation starter.

With Trollbeads, you will find beads in all shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Whether you are into the minimalist look, or more flamboyant styles, you are guaranteed to find something to your taste. We have a huge catalogue of over 800 beads and pendants with more added every year, so it is also important that we retire some of our items to keep things fresh and to encourage new ideas. The retired beads can always be found in our website’s “Museum”.

Our beads, also known as charms, are created by a wide range of professional designers within the Trollbeads family, with each inspiring new ideas and qualities to the collection allowing you to better portray your own personal story. In addition to our own team of fantastic and creative designers, every year we introduce a new bead that has been designed by one of our lovely customers. This takes place during the People's Bead event.

At Trollbeads, we have a love for the unconventional. This is reflected in our collection where we offer everything from glass, to copper jewellery. We strive to provide beautiful products in nature’s most fantastic and alluring materials designed to be compatible across all types of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, making them suitable for daily use and for special occasions.