peacock pearls

In the Middle Age, it was only the royals and the nobility who were allowed to wear them, and pearls have since then become a symbol of wealth and perfection.



Fresh water pearls are a natural consequence of mussels living on a sand bank of lakes, rivers or creeks. The Trollbeads pearls are freshwater cultured pearls. For the pearls to gain the correct shape, they grow and develop inside a mussel for four to five years. The process starts when a tiny scrap flake from another mussel is placed inside the mussel. Over time, the mussel will cover it with mother-of-pearl, turning it into a beautiful pearl. The colour of the pearl is defined by both the external conditions, the outside colour of the mussel, and the structure of the mussel. Pearls are truly nature’s magical wonders.

rosa reals


When Trollbeads receives the pearls, they are all strung on a small piece of string. Each pearl is carefully placed with the small hole through which the string went, pointing upwards in an iron plate filled with small holes. On top, another plate is placed to hold the beads in place. Then a specially developed machine makes holes in the pearls while ensuring that the process does not damage them. Once a hole has been made in the beads, they are each equipped with a silver core. This is done using another specially developed tool that ensures that the silver core is placed with care and precision in each pearl. By putting the silver core in the freshwater pearl, we both protect the bracelet from wear and we also protect the pearl from the bracelet that could wear on the inside of the pearl. A fascinating process with a beautiful and unique result.